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Yeehaw Transportation and Distribution Center

Project Description

Engineer and surveyor for the Yeehaw Transportation and Distribution Center. Total size is 430 acres mixed use. 210 acres of Warehouse Distribution with 1,200,000 square feet, 50 acres of interstate commercial, and 620 residential units. Includes on-site water and sewer plants. Underlying land use has been obtained and PUD
application is underway. This project lies at the intersection of two major corridors, Florida Turnpike (north and south), US 441 (north and south), and State Road 60 (east
and west). This area has traditionally been agricultural but is in transition.

Project Details

Contact: Ray Luke, Partner
Yeehaw Ranch, LLC
(407) 436-1886
5301 South Kenansville Road
Yeehaw Junction, Florida 34972

Client: Yeehaw Transportation and
Distribution Center
Project Status: On-Time and On-Budget

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