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‘B’ Canal and 168th Avenue North

Project Description

During a heavy rain event on May 23 and 24, 2009, twin 36” metal culverts leading from the drainage control structure that drain ITID “B” Canal into the Seminole Improvement District M-2 Canal, failed due to age and corrosion. This failure led to excessive embankment erosion around the control structure causing it to shift horizontally and vertically several feet. Discharge to the M-2 Canal flowed uncontrolled with the structure leaning dangerously in a possible state of collapse. An emergency was declared by Engenuity Group, the District Engineer and Murphy Construction Co. was selected with input from the District Staff to perform emergency repairs and replacement of infrastructure.

The project involved careful replacement of the existing structure and several enhancements including new 36” high performance HDPE culverts; erosion protection at structure intake, outfall and canal banks; repair of gate frame and drainage channel improvements. New telemetry was also added to this structure.

The construction and repair costs were approximately $100,000 and took 5 weeks.

Project Details

Contact: Michelle Damone, President
Board of Supervisors
Indian Trail Improvement District
13476 61ST. Street North
West Palm Beach, Fl. 33414

Client: Drainage Structure Repair at ‘B’ Canal
and 168th Avenue North

Project Status: Completed On-Time
On-Budget in 2009

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