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Indian Trail Improvement District

Project Description

As District Engineer for Indian Trail Improvement District from 1991-2003, Engenuity Group was responsible for the design and contract administration of works of the
District. Engenuity Group has designed and supervised the construction of over 55 miles of paved roads, 6 parks, 2 new Units of Development with over 10 million
dollars of infrastructure and over 5 million dollars in drainage improvements. Indian Trail Improvement District was a district plagued with prolonged standing
water and overflowing canals during the rainy season. The project area covered 18,527 acres, which have been subdivided into residential lots. With a budget of only
$500,000 for design, permitting, construction and construction management, Engenuity Group developed a water management plan that would time its release to
South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) canals at off peak times. By coordinating its discharges to match the capacity of canals in the area, Engenuity Group provided better flood control to residents and less loading on regional drainage systems.

Due to the District’s location adjacent to the J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area, Engenuity Group took great care to design a water management system that would not produce adverse impacts on the surrounding ecosystems. By using the internal system for storage, this minimized the potential for impacts on offsite wetlands. Because of this consideration, the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission supported the “5-Point” Plan as did the SFWMD.

Project Details

Contact: Indian Trail Improvement District
(561) 793-0874
13476 61st Street North
West Palm Beach, FL 33412

Client: Indian Trail Improvement District
Project Status: All Projects Completed
On-Time and On-Budget

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