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Perry and Fleming Avenues

Project Description

Engenuity Group professional services consisted of a topographic survey, preparation of design and construction documents. The project consisted of clearing two City right-of-ways (alleyways), each 20 feet wide, to provide improved drainage and maintenance access for the City Public Works Department. One of the alleyways contained several fence encroachments that prevented maintenance access; removal of the right-of-way encroachments was a key component of the project. The other alleyway contained a swale providing positive drainage outfall for several blocks within the City. The swale was completely overgrown with exotic vegetation such as Brazilian Pepper and Melaleuca. The design calls for removal of the vegetation and regrading of the conveyance swale.

Project Details

Contact: Terry Siegall, AIA
City of Greenacres
5800 Melaleuca Lane
Greenacres, FL 33463

Client: Clearing and Reconstruction
of the Alleyways between
Perry Avenue and Fleming Avenue
Project Status: Design Completed July 2009
Fee = $10,600 (Survey and design)
Engineer’s Estimate = n/a

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