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City of Greenacres

Project Description

Engenuity Group professional services consisted of a topographic survey, preparation of design documents, bidding, contract administration, construction observation,
and certification of completion. The project consisted of clearing and grubbing (5) five existing City right-of-ways, installation of drainage on Martin Avenue, and the construction of new pavement, driveways, and sidewalks on Perry Avenue. The project was partially funded through a Housing and Community Development Grant. The five City right-of-ways contained numerous encroachments such as fences, sheds, and other miscellaneous structures that were removed as part of the project. Coordination
with adjacent property owners played a key role in completing the work. The Martin Avenue drainage consisted of inlets and exfiltration trench serving the adjacent park and ball fields. The Perry Avenue improvements consisted of paving approximately 200 linear feet of road that was previously unpaved. Swales and sidewalks were also constructed in the right-of-way to provide drainage and pedestrian access.

Project Details

Contact: Terry Siegall, AIA
City of Greenacres
5800 Melaleuca Lane
Greenacres, FL 33463

Client: City of Greenacres
Original Section Drainage Improvements
Project Status: Construction Completed
November 2007
Fee = $55,000 (Survey, design, bidding, and construction)
Engineer’s Estimate = Not Performed
Construction Cost = $264,000

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