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Florida Crystals

Project Description

Florida Crystals called upon Engenuity Group to help analyze the cause of a major roadside sinkhole along SR 76 at the Hinson Farms drainage and irrigation culvert connection to the St. Lucie Canal. Upon inspection, it was determined the existing 84” corrugated metal culvert had deteriorated so badly, a large hole developed on top causing the collapse. After a temporary repair, the entire culvert was inspected using certified divers from Shenandoah Construction. Their recommendation was to slip-line the old culvert with a 72” HDPE culvert. Replacing the culvert using conventional methods was cost prohibitive due to roadway and outfall conditions. Slip-lining technology allows for a smooth wall, slightly smaller diameter culvert to be pulled through the old culvert. The ends are then sealed and the space between old and new culverts is grouted full providing a solid, leak proof new culvert. A General Use Permit was applied for and issued by the Florida Department of Transportation and construction was completed within a 2 week schedule. Critical drainage and irrigation conveyance to and from the sugar cane farm was maintained with minimal interruption. The new slip-lined culvert now has a long-term life expectancy.

Project Details

Contact: Joaquin Fernandez
Florida Crystals—Sugar Farms Co-Op
P.O. Box 408
Loxahatchee, FL 33470
561– 924-4455

Client: Hinson Farms
(Florida Crystals)
Project Status: Construction Completed
April 2011
Construction Cost: $70,000
Engineers Fee: $7,500

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